World Press Photo And A Wet Edinburgh Festival

A trip to Edinburgh with two of my photography buddies to visit the world Press Photo Exhibition gave me a chance to grab some street photos.

I don’t do politics, but Jeremy Corbyn, who could be the next leader of the labour party here in the UK and then possibly Prime Minister, just happen to cross my lens on arrival at the train station.

Even though there has been a lot of controversy over the last year or so with World Press Photo, it was great to see this years exhibition in the Scottish Parliament building.

Click the photo above to see the colour version.


Fuji X-Mount Lensbaby Edge 80 Street Photography

I went for a walk the other day to try out my new Lensbaby Composer Pro and Edge 80 optic. Yes they have finally brought out a Lensbaby with a Fuji X-Mount. I’ll have more Lensbaby street stuff coming soon, but in the mean time, if you want to read more and see some colour shots from this same walkabout and even a couple of tips regards to camera setup, click HERE.


Click the photo above to see the very flat out of camera and slightly underexposed JPEG. I’ve noticed that the Dehaze Slider in the latest version of Lightroom CC is a must for the Edge 80 (for the colour versions at least).

9 From The Hip

9 photos shot from the hip using zone focus with my trusty X100S. Sometimes it’s nice to get a lower point of view. These were also taken on a great day out with Kevin Mullins &co on the cold streets of Glasgow (Scotland). Street works best alone, but it’s nice to get together with other street photographers sometimes.

Bladder Man

Do I need to say more than the title? :o)

I had a really great day out with fellow X-Photographer Kevin Mullins & Co in Glasgow today shooting street photography. Did anybody spot us? Long day but well worth it. Plus I have a bunch of new stuff to post here on 35mmStreet. Always good to meet a nice bunch of fellow street photographers.

Contact Sheets & Backstage Fashion

Remember this shot from the summer? I just posted a new episode of The Digital Contact Sheet that looks at the process of shooting this frame and the 24 before it. You can see the contact sheet and the file straight out of camera.

I also have a new black and white documentary story called Fashion Consciousness published on the Kage Collective site today that takes a look backstage at a fashion event.

35mm Street On You Tube :: Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

This is a collection of black and white pictures shot in Glasgow during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.All shot on Fuji X-Series cameras and converted to B&W using Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Remember to click settings on the video and choose 1080 for best quality.

35mm Street On YouTube :: Hong Kong

One of my new years resolutions was to get some videos on YouTube and add a section for them on this site. The first one (above ) is a collection of pictures I took in Hong Kong with the X100, X-Pro1 and X-E1. I was staying on Lamma Island, but would get up early and catch the first ferry to Central HK to be able to capture people going to work and the news vendors handing out the free newspapers. Hong Kong is my favorite place on the planet and If you haven’t been, I highly recommend going now, as change is in the air.

Remember to click settings on the video and choose 1080 for best quality.

Another video coming tonight or tomorrow.

On Reflection

More night shots again, but this time using reflections. I was about to wrap it up for the day, but decided to give myself a little assignment and only shoot people reflected in glass for the last 10 or 15 minutes. The funal shot was taken on the train on the way home.

Out of the Darkness And Into The Light reason to stop shooting street just because the sun goes down. Just stay close to shop fronts and use the light from their big windows. There’s also less chance of being seen if you’re standing in the shadows. A good fast prime lens is essential for this though. These were al taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 35mm f1.4.


Wrapping Up And Moving On

Christmas has come and gone once more and 2015 is almost here. It’s at this point we tent to look back at the year past and plan ahead for the one on the way. 2014 has flown past so quick and in a lot of ways I feel I have talked so much about photography, but not shot nearly enough. I’ve had some good things happen this year, like becoming an official Fuji X-Photographer and shooting some amazing musicians for Project Jazz.  But I feel I could have been more productive and I’m busy making lists of things I want to do or try in 2015. I need to set aside regular times for shooting on the streets, but there are other types of photography that I want to do more of and a few that I want to tick off from my bucket list. I also have a list of documentary projects that I need to confirm. All of these street shots were taken with the X-T1 and the 35mm f1.4. I haven’t switched from my preferred X100S, but just thought I’d have a bit of a change and the 1.4 came in handy on these dark days.’d like to thank all of you that follow this street photography blog and if you are one of the many new followers, welcome aboard. I’ll try to do more regular posts this coming year and over at my photography blog HERE. Thanks especially to those of you that sent emails with very kind comments on the pictures I post here. I’m always blwn away by the value some of you place on them and I never never never take that for granted. It’s these emails, likes and comments that keep me posting here.  I hope you all have a great time over the festive season and a fantastic new year. I have more pictures shot around the Xmas season that I’ll post next week. Happy new year to you all and best of luck for 2015.



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